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  • Your Personal Life Coach

  • Founder of The Keelay Carter Experience

  • Boy Mom

  • Wife

  • Podcaster

  • Motivational Speaker

  • Digital Content Creator

I am navigating the life that many of us live as women, the many roles, the many hats, the many titles, these kids, this husband…. BUT I never allow any of this to distract me from pursuing the purpose that God has given me, and you shouldn’t either.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love each and every title that I’ve been so graciously given but with that comes a lot of prayer, a lot of planning, a lot of Target Trips, and a lot of hyping myself up to be the best version I can be, in every part of life.

I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me, but I can’t do everything at one time…. And understanding that, is key! #Balance.

Building a Coaching Relationship will allow you to:

  • Better Clarity and Purpose. The mission of Keelay Carter Lifecoaching is to help you live with more purpose, clarity, and passion. Statistics show that people who take part in coaching have a higher sense of purpose and meaning.


  • Better Self-Confidence. The goal is to be your personal hype woman, You already posses the gift and you’ve already been given purpose. Now, it’s time to fully bring it out of you for the world to see and experience the full you. Reports show 80% of people who hired a life coach reported improved self-confidence (Let’s increase that number by adding you in the mix)


  • Growth Mindset. It’s time to shift your perspective! Collaborating with me as your coach, we will expand and nurture your growth mindset. “You gotta think Big”, we will eliminate the self-doubt, the negativity and replace them with Confidence and Positive thinking that will set you up for the freedom in life you desire.


  • Improved Self-Awareness. Research found that only 10-`15% of people studied were self- aware, despite people believing that they are self-aware. Working with me, you will have a personal guide to reflect on your consistent progess and your levels of self-awareness. We’re going to gain more confidence in knowing who you are…. And I’m excited!

What clients are saying 

Her ability to connect with people by leaning into herself is what sets her apart and makes her genuine. The best thing she gives us is herself!! And I’m grateful for her encouragement, support and her honesty!

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